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Hi its has bee a long time where I didn’t post a ridde but I have got a very challenging brain teaser for you just check out the riddles page and if you’re a new comer here,you could start riddling and have fun.

That’s all for today.



Hi some friends of mine are sort of Greek experts so I would not let them comment.they are:

thats all!

New set of riddles has come!

Hi! Since none of my viewers commented on the agenda of my next riddles so I decided to make an alternate number of riddles. So my first will be random then Greek mythology etc.

Hope you will enter all of them so bye ’til next time!


HI! t\Xavier school’s semestral break is just 11 days left! I can’t wait for the semestral break because I will finally get a long rest from school.Semestral break is a two week break which occurs when our 1st semester ends, we get this break and get to rest.

P.S.can’t wait for sem break!

Hi i need to ask if you want the next 5riddles to be about Greek Mythology or freestyle?

pls leave a comment belowđŸ“±đŸ˜€

4 people who won the 5 riddles

Hi! the people who won are:

1st riddle:no one because I gave out the answer

2nd riddle:kafpatwaran20

3rd riddle: tclsiy20

4th riddle:tndeguzman20

5th riddle:jidperez20

I would like to give notice to them and thank you for participating!

PJAA envelopes

PJAA is an envelope which we put donations in the envelope to help our priests and brothers who continue for their future of being a Jesuit priest. Every first subject of ours, our first subject teachers will get our envelopes that contain donations that is for our fellow priests and brothers. So let us  hope that our brothers will become Jesuit priests that will serve good to others. And let us hope too that many will donate to the PJAA envelopes.til then


Month of October has come!

Hi!The month of October has come!

This month October has two very famous  celebrations:Halloween and the month of the rosary

Halloween is a celebration which we wear costumes and be very joyful on saying the joyful saying that says”Trick or Treat!”

the month of the rosary is where we ask our heavenly mother mary to help us to pray the rosary.The rosary is a prayer which makes our relationship with

Christ more deeper and more intimate.And in my school we are required to bring and wear our october medals.It looks like this


A new riddle has been posted

Hi!Now there is a new interesting riddle in the riddles page. It might seem easy , but this teaser will be will be quite challenging.So don’t under-estimate this riddle.


Service Interaction is where we interact with people around us.Can you guess who am I paired with this year?It is with people have PWDs or phisically handicapped.My partner is named Kuya ador.H’e’s name is originally dominador but since it is long, he just shorten it.Did you know that peole that has  PWDs can do more than us?I got the exciting experience on how to use a wheel chair!I also got a small wooden plane from the handicapped people.It is amazing on how they actually live.well that is all and bye!